First Photo Taken with the Linear CCD Camera

We have made lots of progress on our linear CCD project since the last article. Last week we spent some time and made a cardboard enclosure for the sensor and tired to take a photo. The good news is we did get a presentable photo, despite the obvious focus issue. The lens was a Nikkor 50/1.8 since the batteries in my Bronica were dead and the camera would not operate without it. The photo has a strong vignetting due to the lens’ small image circle. The camera was only a prototype, held together by hot glue and type. We will eventually design and 3D print an enclosure to house the electronics.

First Photo
The first photo taken with the linear CCD camera
Linear CCD test
Taking the first photo
Front side of the camera
Front side of the sketchy cardboard camera
Back side of the camera
Back side of the camera

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